Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hampton Plantation State Historic Site

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  Hampton was a very large rice plantation. In 1850 over 200,000 pounds of rice were grown and harvested using the labor of hundreds of slaves. The house is not furnished so tours focus on the construction technics used in building the original smaller house and the additions that brought it to it’s present size. This park could use some more exhibits and other information about the family, the slave families, and rice cultivation in general.

  Nothing is accessible. A small bookstore where tickets for the house tour are sold has a ramp but has no information to make it worth visiting. The path to the house is composed of soft sand. The house has many steps to the entrance and no ramp.

 The parking area is large enough for RVs. The road in is a little narrow and winding. Park
33.20056, -79.43458
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