Sunday, November 27, 2011

Washington DC

   We’ve been injected,inspected ,detected and had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat so now we’re on our way south to warmer weather!

   Washington DC is a great city to visit. It has some of the best museums in the country , most of them are free and handicapped access is very good. Seeing  all of the museums and other sights could take weeks.

  We’re lucky because we can park overnight in my sister’s driveway. It takes us about a half an hour to get to the city and we almost always park in front of the Air and Space Museum where there’s a section of handicapped parking spaces. We try to get the one next to the crosswalk so that we use only one space. There are also some good handicapped spaces by the National Gallery of Art. The street is signed – No Parking  1-10:00 AM  Mon-Fri 3 Hour Limit All Other Times. The spaces fill fast. We try to get there a little before ten. The three hour limit doesn’t seem to be enforced.

  The mall area where most of the museums are located is several miles long so keep that in mind if you want to go to the farther away museums. It’s also good to have help pushing because the concrete sidewalks are made with fairly large stones which makes for a bumpy ride. The mall walkways are sand which is soft in spots.


  1. Enjoy your travels down to Florida. I will be heading to the Panacea Alligator Point area after Christmas.

  2. Hi Dragonfly - I've been following your progress on Little Sanitee. It's going to be a very pretty ,unique,little trailer when you're finished!

    How long will you be in Florida? We'll be heading west in late winter. If you're still around maybe we can have a little meet up.