Sunday, October 30, 2011

McKinley Presidential Library and Museum

   We’ve visited many of the thirteen presidential libraries that are overseen by the federal government in the archives and records department. The McKinley Library is not one of those thirteen and doesn’t meet the same standards. Only one room is dedicated to McKinley. It contains many items owned by  McKinley but is lacking in information about his policies as president. Little information is given about his assassination.

  The museum is actually much more than a presidential library but McKinley was a local boy which must have been the reasoning behind the name. Besides the McKinley room there’s a small science center ,a planetarium , a changing exhibits gallery,a nicely done city street , a working model train layout and a large gallery about Stark County. Also on the grounds is a little park with a large monument on a hill where McKinley,his wife and two daughters are buried.

  Most of the museum is accessible. A few of the buildings on the city street have rooms on the second floor –steps only. Access to the planetarium or to the elevator to the monument requires a special key which can be obtained at the admissions desk.

  There are a few spaces for buses and RVs at the rear of the museum. Museum

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