Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Duluth Lakewalk

   There are two paths along the lake for about half of the total four miles. The boardwalk is for pedestrians, the paved path is for bicyclers and roller-skaters plus pedestrian where there isn’t boardwalk.

   Both surfaces are fairly level and in good condition. There’s a very steep section leading to the Viking ship and the rose garden.  The ship is currently covered in shrink wrap until enough money has been raised to build a protective structure.

  A parking lot which allows RVs is located at Canal Park. The entrance is narrow and an immediate turn is required so large RVs might not be able to use it.  Other lots are located along the walk. We went as far as the rose garden. The lot there has spaces where RVs will fit.  Walk   Viking Ship
46.78184, -92.09202

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