Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pratt Museum

     There are three floors of exhibits in this small museum. The ground floor focuses on  local history with exhibits combining story boards, artifacts, artwork, recordings, and films. One floor down is devoted to sea life with aquariums and stuffed birds. The basement contains more artwork, films and a display about the Valdez oil spill. There are also exhibits outside –a small garden, a homesteader’s cabin, and a forest trail.

  Most of the museum is accessible but some of the exhibits have booklets which are attached to the tops of display cases and can not be removed for easy viewing. There are no ramps or elevators inside the museum. Each floor can be seen by exiting the building and entering through a different door which must be unlocked by the museum personnel. We didn’t have time to see the outside exhibits.

  RV parking is available in the back of the museum parking lot.  Museum
   59.64467, -151.55008

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