Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yukon Transportation Museum

  All forms of transportation from dog sleds to bush planes are represented in this museum. Whitehorse was a major stop on the trail to gold fields in Dawson Creek and later the supply depot and living quarters for the soldiers building the Alaskan Highway so innovation was necessary to move supplies through snow, ice, mud, along rivers, and around rapids.

  Most of the museum is accessible but some of the signs are inside of barrels and crates and are too high to view.A movie is shown inside of a train car that isn’t accessible. A small section on the second floor is accessed by an elevator which is operated by the museum personnel.

  The parking lot is large enough for all RVs. Museum
60.71186, -135.0799
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  1. To read alot about the Bush pilot days of the area, one should read "In the Shadow of Eagles" about the life of Rudy Billberg, a pilot who flush bush planes for many many years up in Alaska.

  2. We're going to the aviation museum in Anchorage too. I'll look for him there.