Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alaska Native Heritage Center Museum

    The center interprets the traditional and contemporary lifestyles of the eleven major Native American groups living in Alaska. To get a better understanding join a guided tour through the six separate buildings representing the different types of housing. There are also continuously running films, a stage with dance and athletic demonstrations, artisans at work and a small museum section, all in the main building.  Admission is kind of high so give yourself enough time to see everything and buy a combination ticket if you’re planning to go to the Anchorage Museum too.

   The main building is accessible. Viewing for the stage and the theater are good. The Territorial Guard exhibit in the museum is too high to see easily. The path outside through the village houses is surfaced with small river rock, loose and deep in spots. Many of the houses have small lips or steps at the entrances. Most wheelchair uses will need to have some help.

    The parking lot is large enough for all RVs.  Cultural Center
     61.23256, -149.71734

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